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Fund Management

Invest Sustainably

We provide investment strategies, risk management, tailored portfolios, fund structuring and distribution to institutional and accredited investors.

Investment Strategies

Balancing risk and return while capitalising on market dislocation, we offer strategies that meet our clients' performance and risk objectives.

Tailored Portfolios

Our core strategies and ideas can be customised to suit investors' needs, with flexible solutions in a fund, managed account, or structured note format.

Risk Management

Institutional experience in FX, interest rate, credit and equity hedging are available to clients that seek a proffessional solution to manage their investment risk.

Fund Structuring

From Singapore's VCC to Cayman and everything in between, we structure funds for approved strategies with turnkey prime, custody and distribution solutions.

Sustainable Investing

Superior Investment Performance

The core components of our key investment strategies are return, carry and the opportunistic monetisation of behavioural price episodes.

Specifically, we seek to take on the emotional sources of price volatility that are inconsistent with fundamentals in strategies that strive for a low correlation to traditional benchmarks.

We persue risk-adjusted elevated carry, in instances where the opportunity exists to be appropriately compensated to take such risk.

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Independent Investment Group

Systematic Quantitative Approach

We provide investors with absolute returns by integrating a systematic quantitative approach to behavioural investing via exchange-traded funds, index futures, equity sector baskets, swaps, options, FX and FX derivatives. All of which are traded through recognised exchanges or via the over-the-counter markets. with tier-one counterparties.

Behavioural Investment Edge

We capitalise on expanded risk premiums when there has been a rapid and emotional shift in beliefs around trend returns.

We bolster our investment process by implementing a systematic quant and ESG screening process.

Corporations & Institutions

Comprehensive financial investment strategies, capital management, hedging strategies and tailored solutions for corporations & institutions.

Private Clients

Bespoke investment, trust, and custody solutions through our dedicated account managers, for individuals and families.

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