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Asia Bond Blurb - Mon, 13 Dec 2021

Evergrande and Kaisa dominated the news last week, but amid the gloom the softening stance of China policymakers helped the HY China property trade with a better tone. Most of the interest continued to be in the BB sector.

This morning the mood was shaken by Shimao Group. Shimao bonds were marked around 5pts lower on rumors of a loan being overdue. Shimao onshore bonds were down by as much as 10pts. This is not the first time that such rumours have circulated. Back in October a similar story concerning an overdue debt to Ping An Real Estate was going around. The contagion spread to other property bonds such as Sunac and KWG Group. The sector is down around 2pts.

Moody’s were busy withdrawing ratings as issuers are reluctant to show their hands. Modern Land and Fantasia ratings were withdrawn due to insufficient information.

China IG continued to be well supported and tightened 2bps. As liquidity wanes there was a short squeeze on Vanke Real Estate. VNKRLE 3 ½ 11/12/29, a $300mm issue, crunched in 30bps, despite poor new home sales in first tier cities (data from China Real Estate Group). It feels like a flight to perceived quality in China IG will cause further tightening into year end.



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