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Fact Sheet

Conduit Global Crossover Bond Portfolio

Managed Account


The investment objective of the Global Crossover Bond Managed Account is to seek to maximise total return, consistent with preservation of capital and prudent investment management. It is an actively managed portfolio consisting primarily of high quality USD-denominated corporate bonds.


The portfolio is diversified broadly across industries, issuers, and regions on the basis of quantitative top down screening and suitability through allocation and review by the Conduit Investment Committee. Bonds issued by corporate, sovereign and quasi-sovereign issuers are eligible for the portfolio. Further to credit rating analysis Conduit engages active fixed income yield curve strategies and key rate durations and convexity to quantify exposure along the curve.

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Conduit Global Crossover Bond Portfolio

Conduit Asset Management Pte Ltd




Managed Account

Fixed Income


1% Management Fee

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Regional Allocation
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