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Fact Sheet

Access S.A., SICAV-SIF - Asia Top Picks

Luxembourg SICAV

Fund Overview

The Asia Top Picks fund aims to deliver consistent and attractive returns through active portfolio management. The fund invests in high-potential business that are inexpensive by fundamental standards or offer above-average growth prospects at reasonable valuations.

Fund Strategy

The strategy is benchmark agnostic and aims to maximise the medium to long-term return through controlled risk-taking and substantial company exposure. The fund has a flexible mandate, focused on South East Asia, and invests in one or two countries simultaneously. It can take extraordinary measures to achieve its objectives such as investing in other collective investment schemes or engaging with the fund's investee companies to realise their full potential.

General Terms
Fund Name
Fund Manager
 Regional Focus
 Minimum Investment
 Investment Structure
 Return Type

Access S.A., SICAV-SIF - Asia Top Picks

Kenno Asset Management Pte. Ltd.




Luxembourg SICAV


Absolute Return

1% Management / 20% Performance

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